Automatic Gearbox Guarantee

What is the automatic gearbox guarantee?
GearCare is an innovative automatic gearbox guarantee program, the first of its kind in Cyprus, which ensures that APK Garage Ltd will repair any part of the automatic gearbox that has proven defective, including spare parts and labor costs, completely free of charge.

Frequent questions

Why Buy a GearCare Warranty?

Today, more than eight out of ten cars in the Cypriot market are powered by automatic gearboxes. Automatic gearboxes are complex engines, consisting of over 700 specialized parts.

Because of the complex nature of these parts, it is not only difficult to determine how and when problems can occur, but at the same time the cost of repairing them increases, even up to 5000 Euros. In addition, their complex nature requires highly specialized and skilled staff to repair them, which is a handful of people around the world. APK Garage Ltd is one of those companies that not only can, but also have 20 years of experience in repairing automatic gearboxes.

APK Garage Ltd, in a continuous effort to meet the needs of the buyer, comes with an innovative proposal for the Cypriot market, offering the GearCare yearly warranty for automatic gearboxes, at a starting cost of 25 Euros per year. If you are an automatic car driver, the GearCare warranty ensures that APK Garage Ltd will repair any damage to the automatic gearbox completely free of charge, including parts and labor costs.

Can I purchase the GearCare warranty for my vehicle no matter how old it is?

Yes, the GearCare warranty covers all cars, regardless of their age.

Can I buy the GearCare warranty during the factory warranty?

Yes, you can get a GearCare warranty at any stage of the factory warranty. You can buy a warranty even from the very first day of its use.

How can I buy the GearCare Warranty?

The GearCare warranty purchase is quick and easy, and can be obtained either online, through the APK Garage website by completing a GearCare application form, either by calling 77772100 or by visiting APK Garage Ltd at their facilities in the Industrial Area of Alambra, where you can personally fill in an application form.

What do you need to know?

The warranty is activated after the successful completion of the payment and you are notified both via phone and electronically, by the GearCare Customer Service Department.

Before obtaining the warranty, will my vehicle be inspected?

Yes, where necessary, the APK Garage network provides free technical check for the automatic gearbox to each car for which a request is filed to join the warranty plan.

What is a technical inspection?

Technical inspection is a quick process to check the condition of your car's automatic gearbox. It includes driving tests and on-site control of the automatic transmission.

Who is the Technical Inspector?

The technical inspection of your vehicle is undertaken by APK Garage Ltd's specialized team of engineers, dealing exclusively with the repair of automatic gearboxes.

What procedure should be followed in the event of a breakdown?

In such a case, you should contact the GearCare Customer Service directly at 77772100 or send an email to

Where will my car be repaired?

Your car will be repaired at the APK Garage premises in the Industrial Area of Alambra in Nicosia.

Who will have to cover the cost of vehicle's damaged automatic gearbox?

Any repair costs for your automatic gearbox are fully covered by the GearCare Warranty.

What does the GearCare warranty cover?

In the event of an automatic gearbox failure, GearCare covers all parts of the automatic transmission, even the gear lever!